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Since 1998


Texas Empowerment Academy (TXEA) was founded in 1998 as a mechanism to provide children with an innovative alternative for educational excellence in grades K-12.  Since its inception, TXEA has grown into a jewel in East Austin where primarily African-American students of all labels (i.e., at risk, special education, gifted and talented, economically disadvantaged and Title 1) attend.

Many students that have been written off as “uneducable” have been able to thrive both academically and socially in our environment. While we do firmly believe in special education and its mission, we have been able to serve all students regardless of labels, (ie. mentally unstable, emotionally disturbed, ADD, ADHD etc. ) Often times, the change in student achievement has been a matter of our accessibility  to students, and our passion to cultivate them academically and emotionally by taking away the many negative issues they face in less stable environments.

Texas Empowerment Academy understands that there are two sides to education: academic and social. With the introduction of social media, less engaged adult supervision, a hyper introduction to media and the myriad of issues that children are faced with, the emotional well- being of students is becoming a huge issue. However, having engaged adults, small environments where children are both able to access and be accessible to affectionate human interaction, and positive academic support, means that our students feel better, do better and are better off than they would be in larger less personable schools.  Understanding a student’s social, mental, emotional and academic needs are a main priority of our program. Many students benefit from the family environment; feeling both valued and accepted. Scientists have closely linked good academics with the social and mental well-being of students. Throughout the years, our environment has stabilized many children and families by offering a good educational environment along with a caring and compassionate staff.

The Primary and Secondary Campuses are in zip codes 78723, and 78721, where many youths and their families are living below the poverty line.  Due to the enriching and stimulating atmosphere, TXEA successfully empowers and enriches students’ academic future and cultural awareness.