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College Visit 

College Visits can help you decide whether or not a campus is a good fit for you.  They are also a way for you to demonstrate your interest in attending a school. 

  • Contact a school’s admissions department a few weeks before your visit to schedule a tour
  • If you schedule a visit through a different department, be sure to stop by admissions before you leave and tell them about it so that your visit can be noted in your file.
  • JUNIORS are allowed 2 college visits 
  • SENIORS are allowed 2 college visits before May 1st

College Visit Process:

ONE: Complete a College Visit Form 


TWO: Get Signatures from your teachers.


THREE: Turn in the College Visit Form to the Attendance Office.


FOUR: Get the College Visit Verification Form signed while on your visit (hint: this is the proof you will provide TXEA that you were actually on a visit)


FIVE: Turn in College Visit Verification Form into Attendance Office within 48 hours.


* If you are requesting additional college visits, you will need permission from your assistant principal for it to be coded as a college visit instead of an excused absence.