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All High School students (9 -12th) are expected to arrive dressed according to the dress code policy outlined below on the first day of school and each school day thereafter; unless prior notice has been given by school administration.

The dress code standards below are designed to promote an appropriate environment for individuals who are preparing themselves for life. We ask that students adhere to the following:

Dress code will be strictly enforced

Required Uniform

  • All clothing must fall within the allowed color palate -MAROON, GREY, BLACK OR WHITE

• Shirts must be either polo style, button down, or a blouse (no t-shirts or jerseys allowed)
• Skirts/Shorts (must be within 1 inch of the students

fingertips when their arms are extended by their side)
• Pants/Jeans (no holes or torn pants or jeans)
• Shoes -all shoes must follow the color palate – Solid

Maroon, Grey, Black or White also Tan & Brown ONLY (no other colors}
• ACC Dress Code -when attending classes at ACC students must wear the black school polo with maroon logo.

Prohibited  Items 

• Any clothing that reveals undergarments.

• Skirts/Shorts that are not within 1 inch of the students
fingertips when their arms are extended by their side.
• Any clothing that reveals a student’s stomach, torso, back,
chest, breasts or cleavage.
• Spaghetti straps, halter tops, tank tops, tube tops, half shirts, see through blouses or backless apron garments.
• Clothing, accessories, or tattoos with references to alcohol, drugs, sex, tobacco, vulgar language, violence, gang related affiliations or other symbols that distract from the learning environment.
• No stretch jeans, yoga pants or tights.
• Caps, hats, stocking caps, wave caps, or bandannas unless in instances of extreme weather or with prior administrative
approval during special campus activities.
• Clothing, jewelry, shoes, chains, or other accessories that
would endanger student’s safety or distract from the learning environment are not acceptable.
• Any bedroom attire is prohibited; pajama tops or bottoms,
slippers, etc …



All school staff will be involved in the dress code enforcement. Students who may be considered in violation of the dress code will be referred to the principal or his/her designee for final decisions. A student found to be in violation of the dress code will not be permitted to return to class until the dress code issue is corrected. Students refusing to comply with the dress code policy may have increasing levels of accountability under the Discipline Guidelines. Students may be required to wear some school provided clothing to complete a school day.


The intent of this policy is not to prevent any student who is not in uniform from attending school. This is a progressive disciplinary plan for students who are considered non-compliant with the Dress Cade Policy and who have not been granted an exemption.
Parent(s} or guardian(s} may request an exemption from the School Uniform Policy by submitting a “Uniform Exemption Request Form” to the school principal. Exemptions will only be granted for religious reasons, medical reasons, financial reasons or other justifiable reasons.


  • 1st Offense -Office Referral/Phone call to parent or guardian
  • 2nd Offense -Principal or designee, parents, and student conference
  • 3rd Offense/Subsequent & Chronic Offense -The student will be assigned a period of suspension